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Weapon Icons/HUD GTA SA.

Hey Everybody I have got a question, I wanted an AXE in my game yup a HATCHET!!! WOOO!

AN I got one, went over he Katana with it, but... it has no little picture in the top right hand corner... the weapon hud/icon what is that called?? i have been searching all day I just can't for the life of me find out how to make my own.

I'd love to be able to mod for myself as in change the actual dff the shape, to make weapons n cars would be neat, so far i can only edit txd's.... thought i was smart when i figured out alpha masks... if anyone modders out there know how i can get a moddeling programe that will allow me to edit dff's, i want to be able to have programe like i see you all using on youtube..

If theres is a awsome axe with a working weapon pic icon hud thing in the top right hand corner that replaces the katana an works... please do tell me
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