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How to deny characters from the game

I don't like how the crims are always stealing my cars. They are: bmycr, hmycr, wmycr.

Under PEDGROUP you'll see a line for CRIMINALS. You can't replace them with another ped, they will still steal your cars. You cant delete them because the typed lines of players are critical and must stay in order.

Bring them up in Txdworkshop and look in the lower right-hand corner. Scroll down to VICE CITY and save it. They won't be back.

You could do this for gang members as well. I don't like them either.
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How to mask

I struggled with this for months. Now that I know about it it is all so easy.

There is a lot to write about this. I might have to quit and come back later.

You'll need Photoshop or an equivalent, Txtworkshop or an equivalent. I don't know jack about any other programs.

So first off you find the player and his/her images you want to mask (make invisible) in Txtworkshop. Then you go to properties in the right upper corner and uncheck COMPRESSED, then check ALPHA. Then save the selection (piece of clothing or whatever) somewhere as PNG.

Right-click the image you just saved and open with PS. Click the eraser icon and adjust the size (coverage) of the tool. For complete removal go to 100%, to make it semi transparent is a lot trickier, but 30% is a good start. You can always go back and add more or less transparency.

As you cover the item you want to be invisible you need to see the masking pallet, it's a checkerboard of white and grey. If you don't see that you aren't masking. For doing transparency you see some of the color superimposed over the pallet.

Things to remember: 1. If your model hasn't a body (a skeleton with skin) don't expect one to show up once you remove whatever you think is covering it. If there's nothing under (a piece of clothing for example) the body parts will go invisible wherever you masked.

2. Some character creators try to save pixels by not using or covering all the body with "skin". They'll leave out places on the body that are covered with clothing. If you mask out one of these areas whatever is under it will become an invisible hole. Or if you try to make it semitransparent light will come through it.

It's fun to make car bodies semitransparent. Then you can see the motor and interior and such. You can even color them as well, but that color will be faint.

If there's any interest in this theme I'll come back and add more. mo
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