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Why don't men meet girls?

Why don't men meet girls?
Many men are concerned about the question: "How to meet a girl?". I think most of You can have a negative experience when a girl refuses you. It was, for example, when You met on the street or in transport, it does not matter. Why this was happening (refusal with hand girls) we, too, will discuss. Just as important question is: "Where can I meet a girl?".

Why don't men meet girls?

The first reason why many men do not get acquainted with girls is because they are afraid that they will be refused, and this means a fall in their own self-esteem and a new disappointment in themselves. The second reason why guys don't meet girls is because of the negative experience. When they were repeatedly denied. Here you may also see the hatred of the opposite sex in men. The third reason is not knowing what to talk about with a girl. After all, you do not know the interests of a stranger and it is difficult to say anything sensible. The fourth reason why guys do not get acquainted with girls: "Let them get acquainted!"On the one hand, this is the right position, but it depends on the sides of sympathy. The question of who should get acquainted first has long been exhaustive. It depends what kind of guy, and despite what the girl, and who who like.

How to meet a girl?
Perhaps You'll fall from the chair, but to get acquainted it is not necessary!!! Do not get acquainted with the girl on the street or in transport, or in the subway or in a cafe. Why? Now we will deal with You, why You refused (although not all).

If You decide to approach a girl on the street, she will most likely decide that You are so bad that you are already going to desperate measures (if it came to the street ). So she might think that You are going through any training on the pickup. And pickups, as a rule, a lot of girls and serious relationships they build - do not intend to. Also it is regarded as sexual harassment when You suddenly sniego suddenly came up and began to get acquainted. Girls to fear, therefore, forced to hastily deny. But there is one plus: they are always pleased when they get acquainted with them, because it increases their self-esteem (but not Yours).
Another reason for failure could be Your appearance. No, not the looks we men are used to thinking about. Women look primarily at hair, clothes and shoes. The timbre of the voice also plays an important role. Sometimes they are able to be fascinated only because of the voice of a man. If You were dressed, pardon the expression, "like a village," then You might have inadvertently pushed her away. (read the article: "How to become attractive»)

Another reason for refusal: they already have a boyfriend, they just did not tell You.

Now how to meet a girl! You better adjust the cases that contributed to the further development of acquaintance. For example, around it to fall off the bike or to ask the way to such and such street and ask for a little help You out there. It is best if You introduce Your friend. Even the best friend. Responsibility for the Dating will carry it.

If You have already exchanged a few sentences, it should get to her phone number. Of course, the girls themselves will not give their number just like that, they have such an education. There are a couple of options how to take her phone number without showing her that You are very interested in it.

If You know that You will meet (learn a foreign language together), then You do not need to hurry. Process "falling in love" girls slow
Where can I meet a girl?
Consider areas to explore with the girls. They are divided into both spontaneous and planned.

Parties, clubs

Usually girls come to this place to make acquaintances. 90% for this purpose visit clubs and various parties our girls. That is, they are planning to meet. Plus: the probability of meeting a girl is great. Minus: loud music will interfere with communication. Second negative: not all guys love to party (maybe You).

Online Dating

It is best to get acquainted on a Dating site, not Vkontakte. Because it is on such specialized sites are just girls who are ready for a relationship. If you get acquainted, so you need
1) Fill in your profile with good photos

2)Choose a girl of interest

3) Dating start with this phrase: "Can you help me guess the riddle?»

And then smacks what they say!!!

Meeting at work/school

You've been watching her for a long time. You have long been eager to meet her!!! You just need to communicate with her as friends to start. If you like her, send her a postcard. Go home at the beginning of the journey together, then, in the end, give her a ride. You will not notice how You have already started to meet, although this was not agreed.

In a course of interest

If You have a hobby, it can serve as one way to start a relationship. In General, it's easier for men to find a girlfriend. Especially on courses, as it is mostly girls attend various courses. The second reason why it is easier for a man to bring a girl is because men are free, much less than women. One free man has three free women. So get busy and sign up for any courses (except martial arts).

In other people's friends

Do not refuse if You are called to walk or meet new people. There may be Your love. It is often so half-familiar. You're not?

How to make a girl meet herself?

It's complicated. Only the dissolute and impudent girl will approach the man and will begin to make acquaintances. Such girls with such manners a bit, and means, the good girl understands, that this looks as s boldness. In addition, it indicates its availability. Would a normal girl would become so acquainted with a normal guy.

Option only one: You should constantly be in those places, where many women and little men. At the same time to be on this site constantly, where one and the same girl. Like ballet. It may not look like a man, but if You like ballet, why don't You do it?

As already mentioned, girls fall in love gradually. If she sees You 2-3 times a week, this is a plus. She can slowly fall in love with You more and more. In addition, You can find easy conversation, and the topic do not have to choose!!!
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I think that the main problem is nowadays the software. Why should I date with someone, invite to the restaurants, cafes, cinemas, spend a lot of time and money when I just may google best bbw vr porn and visit It is not the simple adult videos, it is virtual reality, so much better and more realistic.
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Go to the gym, join meet-up groups, go to concerts and anything that would attract girls. I hesitate to say bars, and I know a lot of ppl meet that way, but be sure there is a great band playing if you do. I still say meet-up groups are the best. Find hobbies also that would attract women such as reading the paper and looking at upcoming events. Good luck

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Girls like a wide variety of boys, but the possibility of being rejected shouldn't stop you from seeking someone for a relationship. And remember, a girl doesn't owe you anything just because you have her attention.

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Hier komm ich gar nicht hinterher. Sprachbarriere ^^
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I carefully read your posts. In some ways, you guys are right, but ... Modern girls often consider themselves goddesses. They are not so smart but very spoiled. It annoys me. I spent a lot of time on blind dates and even escorts. I'm disappointed. Now, I just play the best porn games after work. This is enough to relieve stress. The Internet is full of such games with different stories. I need to calm down.
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I met my russian bride through my family, actually. Men meet women like they meet anyone. Relationships happen through all kinds of social interaction. If you meet a woman, talk to her. If she likes you and you like her, keep talking.

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