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| Rel | Aces up Dr1ftEE's Sleeve pack v.3

Demonstration video:

Dieses Video wurde von einem Benutzer des Forums eingebunden und es ist unmittelbar ohne vorherige Kontrolle durch den Betreiber dieser Webseite sichtbar. Es befindet sich nicht auf dem Server von und dieser Betreiber übernimmt keinerlei Verantwortung bezüglich der Inhalte und Rechte des Videos!
What is this?
I've created this pack to make your game run smoother with engaged better graphics. The pack contains my latest and possibly final ENB Configuration a CLEO Script created by me, that runs your game smoother and keeps your camera in the most optimized angle for your eye, so you don't have to bother to adjust it from your arrows or from your joypad analogs. You now only have to use the left/right arrows or the joypad analogs to make it move left/right. And a color correction that adds a smooth bloom and new color on the background, creating a chill & relaxing atmosphere.It is the best optimised graphical improvement for the game. It works with an implemented DirectX 10 ENBSeries, a color correction mod, a brand new OPENED SA-MP that allows custom handlings, timecycs and maps, a sharpenning & FXAA plugin. All these on a great performance, without much speed loses.

How to install?
1. LMB on the CLEO4_Setup and install it in your GTA San Andreas folder.
2. Replace all inside the GTA San Andreas folder into your GTA San Andreas one.
3. Have fun

How to replace:
handlings - open the handling.two with a text editor and replace the handling on the car you want.
timecycs - open the timecyc.AAA and replace the timecyc with the one you want.
maps - open the gta.two and insert the lines of the maps you need.

Replace gta_sa.exe only if you play sa-mp on 0.3a version, not 0.3c or anyother.
If you wish to have the same result as in the video, I strongly don't advise you to edit my configuration of the enbseries or of the colormod, unless you have a wide knowledge of how these work.
You aren't allowed to share my modification on public websites without my permission and crediting me.
For further details: - works from MSN.

Boris-Vorontsov - ENBSeries creator.
Seemann, Alien - Developing the CLEO library.
Dr1ftEE - Enb configuration & CLEO Script, HEX d3d9.dll library additional editing, OPENED SA-MP,
Ryosuke - colormod creator.
JernejL - ASI Loader creator.

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