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Bitcoin is not backed by anything

Bitcoin Legal is in fact the output of a productive function to keep the Bitcoin Network safe from attacks and manipulation. It is governed by crypto economic incentive mechanisms defined in the consensus protocol, which ensures that distributed network of actors who do not know and trust each other all validate transactions according to the predefined rules – in an attack resistant, fault tolerant and collusion resistant way. The safer the network is, and as more people use the network, the more people will buy Bitcoin and the more Bitcoin is worth. Just as fiat currencies are determined by the strength of their underlying economy, and the respective demand of their currencies at forex markets, the value of Bitcoin — as a utility token of the Bitcoin network — will be determined by market trust in the strength of the network.
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You can also take a look at other cryptos

There are other alternatives other than bitcoin such as tron coin. If you want to check how to buy trx coin. visit
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Interesting enough information is what to think about. I also work with cryptocurrency and am actively interested in all the latest information. The site here has collected everything you need to work, studied, I am sure it will be useful to you.
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