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[WIP|SA] Vigilante Justice

That's right, not "GTA: Vigilante Justice"... Need a proper logo.

Official Development Thread
Deji on Twitter
Deji on Youtube


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Story description will be written closer to mod completion

Some Current Features
  • Installs alongside San Andreas
  • CLEO-Independant
  • New, interactive HUD (unfinished)
  • 'Objectives' list replaces 'Brief'
  • Radio in police vehicles
  • All vehicles Pay'n'Sprayable
  • Extended/fixed insane stunt bonuses
  • Various other SA fixes
  • No wanted level increases while in 'Cop Mode'

What makes it good?

It's Not A Bloody DYOM Mission Pack!
Thanks to Silent for pointing out that I should probably emphasise that.

Precise Mission Coding
Because I'm the author, lol. But seriously, I've spent most of my time documenting hundereds of unknown opcodes and looking closer into how they work for the Opcode Database and with such a database of information, it's fair to say that I probably know more about the SCM language than most.

What does this mean? Well, the missions will be awsum.

Log File
Recent ASI actions are written to a log file, which can be helpful if a problem should occur while running Vigilante Justice.

ASI Scripts
The things I could do to change hardcoded stuff in the game was vast in CLEO. And now I know C++ - which means I can do even more now. With such power, I'm able to make completely new things in GTASA which were barely imaginable with CLEO. A single "VigilanteJustice.asi" file will do a lot to change the game internally.

Vigilante Justice won't require CLEO. Not at all. This means you can use whatever version of CLEO you want and expect no issues with compatibility and whatnot. No CLEO Scripts or CLEO opcodes used in the SCM.

Extra SCM Capabilities
A new opcode exists within the SCM which is activated by the ASI. This allows for extra control over many SCM handled things. A few of the things I've used this for are mentioned below.

BASS.dll Implementation
Vigilante Justice uses separate audio files for sound within the SCM, which results in a much smaller download size than providing an SA stream file and is generally easier to install. It also can result in smaller updates after the initial release.

Installs Alongside San Andreas
No need to backup files, no need to alter any of your existing files or replace them. Vigilante Justice is easy to install and easy to uninstall. After installation, only one file and a folder is added to your main game directory:
[GTA San Andreas]
  [Vigilante Justice]
  Vigilante Justice.asi

Help Required
Like with every conversion, help is needed. I can do everything required in ASI and SCM, but most other aspects of modding are still beyond me.

Since I think my attempts at discretion to avoid spoiling the experience of the mod has been preventing modders from wanting to have anything to do with the mod, I'll try to be a bit more open... To be honest, I'm willing to spoil some things in this topic on-request if it gets me closer to finishing this mod.

At least 2 Interior Models (probably most important aside from the characters)

Special Characters
LS Police Chief, SF Police Chief, LV Police Chief. Various LS, SF and LV cop models. 2 Detective Models.

LSPD, SFPD and LVPD Uniforms. SWAT Uniform. LVPD Training Uniform. And one need-to-know.

Heli Pilot Helmet, Bike Helmet.

The list of possible weapons for this mod is quite large This is a position I think someone could have fun filling. They aren't exactly requirements but they would improve the mod vastly.

If I am lucky enough to get willing weapon modellers, I would use Ryosuke's Weapon Limit Adjuster to allow additional weapons. I can also add unique weapon functionality to certain weapons via ASI scripting. One example is here (Gas Grenades turned into Stun Grenades).

A planned aspect of Vigilante Justice is that there are two types of weapons. Street weapons and standard-issiue police weapons. This becomes part of the storyline which missions are based around..

If I could get some more help with this, I would cry tears (of joy) [current helpers: ceedj (thanks for that, by the way)]

A bit much to ask for maybe... but at least I'm not aiming for a total conversion that involves new peds, cars and maps etc. My goals are considerably realistic.

Feel free to ask questions, make suggestions, etc.
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