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Eh, well the tilted writing was just to make it diffrent.
Also did little tweeks I dident talk about, such as moving the engine to a longitudinal position, The walton having a transverse engine just seemd.. weird.. But then again the ambulance, and I think the journey, and the bobcat, all have that too... weird.

Ok sometime I may redo the rear logo, Im glad someone likes that kinda stuff.. I started taking requests at another fourms and it ws just 'VW golf' 'toyota supra' Just kinda... eyeroll again, Happend for other games too, I eventully stoped doing requests for carmageddon because I never got any cars I liked it was all modern ricer, german hatches, etc. supercars bizar race stuff.

But ya, junklist

Ill go make ya a correct logo one at some point, Maybe ill even try make it like an SA styled chevrolet, could be fun tho I tend to randomly brake cars.. Also I'm a stuborn childish buttweed, Means I probly wont upload anything here while a re-upload of my stuff exists, And just bugs me that it was uploaded jsut to turn it back to 4wd that dosent even make too much sense.. but, Not even a screenshot?

Ok rant over.
Ill see what I can do with the logo... Also probly needs a smaller rear window.
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