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Originally Posted by Pinkie View Post
I was just wondering since this seems to be a mostly German site, and I post mods here too do any of the staff speak English?
Yes, definitely.

Originally Posted by Pinkie View Post
Its just I reported a re-upload of one of my mods, days have passed and I have heard nothing, I Figured I would get either a yes, we will take care of it, or a No we think this upload is ok.
I did not expect to just hear nothing back at all?
The problem is that the mainsite admin is not very active here. Neither in the Forum or on the mainpage. We had several discussion about it but he never said anything to anyone here, so nobody knows whats going on. I don't belong to the staff, so I think some of them will answer you here too, but nobody except this very special admin got the permission to do anything on the mainpage.

We got a subforum right here with this thread. This is the mainthread for reporting stolen mods. As you can see there some before you also reported stolen mods. Nothing happend since page 40, post #595 (16.Dec.2014)

Originally Posted by Pinkie View Post
Anybody got any advice or should I just kinda ignore this as something that is unchangeable?
Tbh? I don't think anything will happen
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