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I have the same Problem with a Car that have Parts under 54k of Polys. I think it can be 2 Problems. 1. When you have copy the L0 Parts to L1,L2.... that is it to High or 2. the Col can be the Problem. For my Car i have test it all but ever the same. Export all ok without Errors, on OpenIV is look all ok but when i ingame spawn the Car crash the Game wit ERR_STR_FAILURE_3 Error or its come the Error: Gamefiles defect. Reboot and install the Game new. And i have no Idea what i can do.

But it must give a Way. When i see any Cars with over 53mb Filesize (Asetto Corsa Cars, Forza) or Trucks from ETS2 they have more as 500k on Polys than it must go. But how?
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