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[XBOX ONE] BURN Crew is recruiting!

We are looking for like minded people to join the many ranks of BURN Crew. We are all 18+ yr old gamers, looking for more people to enjoy all that GTA V has to offer.

Someone is always hosting missions and heists. We share our wealth, so you wonít be going into any heist only to get 10-15%. We are all equals and in this for the same thing, to have fun, make money in game, and do crazy things.

Doesnít matter if you only play GTA a couple days a week, just as long as you play

We are a bunch of friendly laid back, easy going people who enjoy Grand Theft Auto and gaming in general. This is a game, and we do have fun and enjoy ourselves. However we do missions, heists, survivals, races, and everything in between together. We work cooperatively and split all shares 50/50. However since I am the Crew leader I always give you 60-80% of everything I earn back to the crew.

When doing in Lobby Missions and activities we average $200k an hour each. I personally average $3 mil each and every day. (Most weekdays Iím on for no more than 8 hours, and most weekend days Iím on for 10-15 hours.

Spread across the US, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Brazil, France, New Zealand, Netherlands, UK, and other countries. We have people on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 5-10 members playing at any given time!

If interested please join by the link below or contact me at XBL and I will send an invite link. Thank you & Happy gaming!

XBL: Runner4Life818
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