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Ich werde mir dann erstmal einen neuen Charackter erstellen wenn ich meinen neuen Router installiert bekommen habe.

Habe noch einige Hinweise gefunden, wie man die "Löschung" seines Chars verhindern kann. Eine Garantie gibt es dafür aber nicht.

I believe that it is totally random. I know of all the ways to prevent a character from getting deleted, my level 53 was still deleted earlier today.

Press back instead of retry when it says the cloud servers are down. Exit out of GTA Online by pressing start and choosing leave GTA Online under Online. When asked if you want to edit your character, say no. If your character isn't there, don't create another character. Instead, wait for your character to come back.

I followed all of that stuff. But once you try to get on GTA Online and it says the servers are unavailable and you can't connect, you are still putting yourself in danger of getting your character deleted. I think if you try to connect at the wrong time, then your character will get deleted. If you constantly try to connect, then your character will get deleted.

But yes, some people have retrieved their characters. I think the best way to avoid getting your character deleted is to follow those steps in my second paragraph, and check these forums or other forums to see if the servers are down. If they are down, then don't even bother trying to reconnect until 8 PM PST or whenever Rockstar says the servers are stable/back.
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