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Damn son, where'd you find this?
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Yeah, the same goes for all those cars being converted from Need For Speed, Forza, and so on... But I think, the thing is, those game publishers have more important things to care about and all those cars and skins being converted to GTA do not affect the sales of the original game at all. Still, if those skins and cars would be responsible for lower sales of any of those games, I bet that the companies would show up in no time and sue the hell out of GTAinside (or at least take all the mods down).

As for me, whenever I rig a car out of a game, I always try to mention the author. I usually do some research beforehand and try to find out the actual guy who modeled the car for the game (instead of just naming the game company). Most of the times, this is rather difficult, but one time I actually found out who the author of the American LaFrance firetruck was that I converted. I know that mentioning those things will probably neither help the guy nor the company, but I would feel bad if I'd just claim the model as my own work, as all those riggers do that you've mentioned.
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