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Who owns a skin?

Let's take DoA for example .. The player skins are, in my opinion, the best ever produced. "Produced by Tecmo and developed by Team Ninja" They are the owners. They own the rights. Of all the riggers we have uploading game skins converted to GTA, are ... what? What are they, owners, riggers, skinners, thieves?

I lived in Japan for 2 years. The number of Japanese I met who were anywhere literate in English amounted to about three. I can't imagine someone wanting to rip one of their girls and convert it to GTA or any other game, would write Tecmo an email asking for permission and getting it. Let's assume all riggers are thieves.

Our uploading members, in general, just love to claim ownership of their skins. Me, a lowly skinner, have nowhere near the status of the rigger (the thief) and still obliged to give credit to whomever rigged it, never to Tecmo, Eidos, or EA, or any existing game producer. .

Then, in case you haven't noticed, in a clickbox on the left side of the uploads page, it says .. report a stolen mod. Jeez, if I were the real owner of a character being stolen and converted, I'd be a busy man. I'd be in therapy over that mouse clicking forefinger.

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