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Car Spawner for GTA SA

Car Spawner 1.1 for GTA SA

***** Car Spawner for GTA SA ******

Wenn i machte dies neuen Car spawner ich wollte vielen Fähigkeit zu haben.

This CLEO mod is car spawner for GTA San Andreas.
It has advanced configuration in .ini file, thus it`s deditaced for those who add cars to GTA SA.
In this case adding cars means adding car with ID not 400 <= ID <=611, that is not replacing

1. Put Carspawn.cs into CLEO folder.
2. Put CarSpawnerRanges.ini into main directory of GTA San Andreas where is gta_sa.exe
3. Put CarSpawner_by_fastman92.fxt into CLEO\CLEO_TEXT folder.
If may be so that CLEO_TEXT doesn`t exist, then create CLEO_TEXT in CLEO and return to 3 point again.

2 - activate Car Spawner
3 - activate menu where you can select category of vehicles you want (cars, bikes...)
Space - deactivate Car Spawner and have a car
Enter - quit and destroy car
Up arrow - next vehicle
Down arrow - previous vehicle
Ctrl + up arrow - fast forward 20 vehicles
Ctrl + down arrow - rewind 20 vehicles
Numeric keys below:
4 - turn right car
6 - turn left car
5 - switch on/off rotation of car

First of all to configure settings you have to open CarSpawnerRanges.ini in any of text editors e.g Windows Notepad.
*I recommend Notepad++, it highlights syntax many types of files.*

Options 1/0:
In [MAIN] section are some of settings you have to switch on (1) or off (0).
Explanation of these 1/0 settings:
Hydraulics - do you want spawned cars have hydraulics?
Trailers - should trailers work?
Peds_in_car - do you want peds (game people) on seats in car?
Put_player_in_car - do you want to get to the spawned vehicle after pressing Space?

By default GTA San Andreas has one range of vehicles.
It means that game contains vehicles from 400 to 611.
You may have added car following this instruction (;p=1060087081 )
then you want to spawn. How will you do this?
Increase number of ranges, if it`s your first time you configure ranges in car spawner change:
Ranges = 1 to Ranges = 2
Then add 2th range in new section:

start = 793
end = 799

In example you have added cars: 793, 794, 795, 796, 797, 798, 799 and this is why start is 793 and end = 799.

In order trailers to work option Trailers in [MAIN] section should be enabled.
Add new section with name matching to this pattern: [trailers_ID]
ID is ID of car you want to have trailer with e.g any truck
In this section write: trailers = x
X is how many random trailers do you want for this vehicle. In example I set it to 4 trailers.
1 = 435
2 = 450
3 = 591
4 = 584
First random trailer for this vehicle is 435, second - 450, third - 591.
Whole section looks like this:
trailers = 4
1 = 435
2 = 450
3 = 591
4 = 584

So 403 vehicle (Linerunner) gets one of random four trailers.

What`s new in version 1.1:
- added menu to select categories of vehicles you want (all vehicles, cars, bikes planes and so on)
You will find full list in picture located at \Gallery\menu_of_vehicle_categories.jpg
Press 3 to activate menu of categories
- fixed trailer randomisation that last trailer typed for vehicle couldn`t not be spawned.
It is bug of 0209 opcode, which will never randomise number of end range.
0209: 17@ = random_int_in_ranges 0 10 will never randomize 10.
- fixed rotation on/off switching through 5 numeric. Now it doesn`t switch many times if you press it too long.
- fixed rotation for boats through memory hacking.
- modifed .ini file, because in last version I forgot about 584 trailer for trucks. This .ini file has 584 trailer of course.
- In last version I also forgot about tractor`s trailer too. Now it is included in .ini

Licence: you can place this Car Spawner on any website,
You musn`t modify this mod.
You can`t take my mod as yours own and post that you are author.

More scripts are coming up.
My desire: I need someone smart to crack cargrp.dat limit. It is memory hacking. More informations in the end of post here: (;p=1060087081 )
After someone cracked this limit, we would be able to add hundreds of cars in GTA SA riding on the street.
If you think that you are able to hack this limit and have at least bit of motivation to do this, contact with me on
or find other methods on

Version: 1.1
Author: Fastman92
Please visit my site
Credits to Wesser for his functions.



Car Spawner 1.1
Car Spawner 1.0
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