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i hope you find it usefull...

1400.0(mass) 8.0(drag mult) 85(percent submerge) 0.0(centre of mass x) 0.1(centre of mass y) -0.1(centre of mass z) 0.0(drive bias) 5(drive gears) 0.20(drive force) 1.0(drive intertia)140.0(velocity) 0.23(brake force) 0.65(brake bias) 0.7(hand brake) 35.0(steering lock) 1.35(traction curve max) 1.15(traction curve min) 13.5(traction curve lateral) 0.15(traction spring delta max) 0.48(traction bias) 1.8(suspension force) 1.1(suspension comp damp) 1.1(suspension rebound damp) 0.15(suspension upper limit) -0.14(suspension lower limit) 0.0(suspension raise) 0.5(suspension bias) 1.0(collision damage mult) 1.0(weapon damage mult) 0.8(deformation damage mult) 1.5(engine damage mult) 0.0(seat of set distance) 14000(monetary value) 440000(mflags) 0(hflags) 0(animgruop)...
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