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SunShine 80's MOD (in english)

Hello (sorry i can't speak german)

We have finish soon a great (maybe the best) mod for Vice City.In fact it' s a compilation of the best modifications for Vice City( all autors will have their credits in readme, and we have a part of permissions)
Our work was to compile all this mods and make all essentials arrangements (we made some textures, all loadscreens and other stuff).
But the particularity of our mod is to give to the game a real eighties atmosphere!
Changes: -all cars, bikes and planes
-a lot of textures (road, vegetation, advertisements....)
-a lot of others things!!!
(I can 't all enumerate.....)

We hope this mod will please you!! (it will be finish probably next week, I'll give download link if i can.......)

Here are some pictures:

(you can answer me in german....but write in this language is too hard for me)
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