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Originally Posted by jpm1 View Post
Hi , you have a nice site, where we can find cool mods. but the pop ups on the site are pretty nasty, scam, explicit porn.. i have nothing against porn, but when you download a mod and then suddenly you see a vagina this is not cool you know

edit: i made a little mistake in the title it's not spams, it's when you download mods
There is such job like webcam model on that link where you need to work on your appearance. Men love with looking at you and your body, it is not necessary to be like Jolie, all you need is just just care for themselves. Include charm, flirt. Try to find out more about the interlocutor. This will help you in further communication. Be more sexy and feminine skirts, dresses, blouses. Do not think that appearance decides everything, do not push too hard, do not be too intrusive, know how to say no.
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