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It is better to buy caviar in a glass rather than a metal container. It's true. Clear glass allows you to consider the color, size and quality of grain. If the caviar looks like it is covered with frost, it is “fake”. unfortunately there are a lot of fakes on the market, because caviar is red and especially black are in demand among buyers. A black caviar and is expensive. In addition, glass containers are chemically neutral and do not oxidize.
But it is important to understand that caviar is mined in fish. Red caviar is a fish of the salmon family, and black caviar is a family of sturgeon.
Fisheries are now an expensive type of business.
Many manufacturers began to breed fish in artificial ponds and feed chemical additives. If you are looking for high-quality caviar, then you better turn your choice to wild caviar. These are fish that are caught in the ocean. Such caviar and fish will be more useful and saturated with necessary fats. Wild fish eggs are tastier than fish bred in aquariums. I buy caviar from the manufacturer and supplier It is a company with many years of experience and a good certified quality guarantee.
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