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iCenhancer is only a configuration of an existing, original mod. There are much other configurations; I'd advise to use mods like this only on powerful computers, because it's very calculating-intense so it will lower your game performance.
I would recommend a not so heavy graphical mod like VisualIV or RealityIV. They create an odd look compared to the iCEnhancer, but are still pretty nice.
If you get bored of the stock cars you can replace them with ones from our database, but have a look at the screenshots first, because some cars are high quality, but other ones are made with not much care (good authors are Threepwood or smokey8088, if a mod is from them, you can be sure it's made really nice.)
You may hate the games for Windows Live application, you can disable it via xliveless (this disabled your online mode, too, you won't be able to play online if you have it).
It will help us all in helping you if you would tell us your computer components, so we can see if your system can run several performance-decreasing modifications.

Take care Donkalleone!
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