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Rockstar blocks spawning of online-only cars in SP on latest patch
submitted 9 months ago * by FlyingSligGuard
I know that Scripthook for the new patch isn't ready yet, but some modders have already tried spawning the new cars in singleplayer, but this happens.
Link to GTAForums post that explains what is happening. Basically R* created an internal script that looks for lowriders in Single Player and immediately despawns them.
I'm really disappointed with Rockstar right now. They said offline modding was OK to them, but then proceed to do this. It may be possible for modders to edit those internal scripts, but that's just making life harder for them.
EDIT: According to this post, this might only affect the new cars/guns, but knowing Rockstar, they might add more Online exclusives to the block list.
EDIT 2: /u/GTA_cp_ created a mod that works around the blocking scripts, adding the new lowriders as custom cars with different model names. Get it here. The best way would be to disable the scripts, but for now we can enjoy the new cars this way.
EDIT 3: Blackened, from GTAForums, is organizing an email campaign to make Rockstar aware that single players don't want to be forgotten, more info here.
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