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How to allow the peds to drive added cars?

Hi everybody,

I'm new here, But I knew the web since a long time ago. Sorry for my english I'm going to try to be clear as much as I know.

Well this weekend I added a pair of cars to gta4. (when I say added I mean added not replaced) I watched a pair of videos form youtube and I followed the steps one by one. So it works perfectly. Both cars apears using the simple native trainer.

So to this point everything it's ok.

Now what I want is to allow to the peds of the game to drive this pair of added cars too.

So.. I clearly know that a remplaced car apears because it's just a remplacement of the original model, and the spawning points of the cars and the assignement to the diferents peds it's taken from the original files of the game. So there is no problem there.

But with the addedcars I don't know how to do it. I've been reading this forum and some answers of diferent people talking about de cargrp.dat. And I did what they say. I just added the name of both cars to the diferents groups. ( the name of the car and a coma at the end). But I drived arround the city and I haven't seen any of both cars drove by peds or parked.

So What I undestand is the next... The cargrp.dat asigns the cars to the difrents groups of peds, So what I've done adding the names of the cars in the cargrp.dat is just asign the cars to some grups od peds and zones. But there must be another file (I don't know witch) that must order witch cars must spawn in the diferents places of the city. The drivers are assigned by the cargrp.dat file, but the spawn of the cars must be controlled by another file... I supose.. I'm a little bit lost so I need help with that.

Everybody have seen cars driven by peds. But they are reemplaced cars. So my question is how to do it with added cars?

Thanks by advance.

Congratulations by the forum!
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