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Das Problem scheinen alle zu haben sind denn die Texturen in der txd.img noch in Ordnung?

Edit: Sind sie nicht.

Hi all, It seems like most people are having problems with textures on there cars. It's quite easy really, althought once you have loaded your car and saved it in ZM, you will not be able to add textures easily. To load up your textures: 1. Extract the .DFF file as normal. But also extract the .TXD file with the IMG tool. 2. Use the TXD tool to extract the cars textures out of the .TXD file you extracted in Step one. 3. Create a folder called 'DFFs', in this folder, place your .DFF file, and your TXD File. Create another folder in the 'DFFs' folder and name it the name of your .dff file. Place all the .bmp images your extracted out of the TXD file in there E.G + DFFs stallion.txd stallion.dff + stallion whitea128.bmp stallion64.bmp etc. 4. Open all the BMP's in a photo editing Prog like Paint Shop Pro, and save them all as the same name, but change their extension to .tga 5. Import the .Dff file into ZM, and walla, your car will be textured Note: The pink and green colours found on some cars mean that the colours of the car is defiened in the carcol.dat file.

Das heisst:
Einen Ordner namens DFFs erstellen.
Hier kommt die .dff Datei rein.
In diesem Ordner einen Ordner mit dem gleichen Namen wie der der .DFF Datei erstellen (ZB:Beispiel)
Mit ResHack alle Texturen des Autos in den Beispiel-Ordner exportieren !
ZModeler starten und die .dff Datei öffnen.
nun hat das Auto eine Textur

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