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Lösung des Freeze Problems!

Hallo Leute!

Ich habe heute die Lösung für die 2 häufigsten Freezes gefunden!
Das ganze habe ich schon auf english geschrieben und habe nach 2maligen schreiben (PC war abgestürzt) keinen elan das ganze nochmal in deutsch zu schreiben.

Ich denke aber das es jeder lesen kann.
Fragen können natürlich gestellt werden.

Viel erfolg mit den Lösungen:

Hi guys,

i tested 2 day's to find a solution of the freezing problem with GTA: San Andreas! And I found it!

There are mainly 2 problemes:

Problem #1: The complete PC freezes and you have to restart
Problem #2: The screen freezes but sound can be heard

These 2 problemes resulut of lacking support to older soundcards & ATI graphics cards. Rockstar didn't test enough I think.
So if nothing here help


Solution of Problem #1:

This problem is because of old drivers and soundcards, and don't think you have the newest drivers, you don't if you have this problem!
At first you have to start Windows Update. Load the Update list a look at "optional hardware-update" [may it is another point, because I use the german version].
Look for a "Creative Soundblaster Driver" (there should be only one).
Download it and restart!
After restarting klick right on your San Andreas Shortcut, then attitudes and activate the "Windows 98/ME" compatibility-mode (I'm not shure if it's nessessary, but you should do this point).

Now start the game and enjoy! I testet it on 3 PC's with older soundcards and it worked.

If it don't work you may look for another soundcard (maybe an Audigy 2, because there are newer driver available) or test another card (for example your OnBoardSoundChip). On one PC I had to! I put you the old SOundBlaster Live! Player 1024, activated the OnBoardSound and did the things again I have writen down (Windows Update).


Solution of Problem #2:

This problem is in fact a real programing mistake of GTA: SA. It only appears on ATI graphics cards (I only read).
The best way here is to activate "VPU-Recover". This feature will reset your display-drivers, when your screen freezes.
To active it, go to your graphics card attitudes and klick on "VPU-Recover". Then active it.
The next time your screen will freeze, you may have to whait 30 seconds and press a button! Then your monitor will flash a bit (my did so) and return to GTA.
After this you can play on, like nothing happend.
(Windows 98/ME compatibility-mode should also be enabled).

I've attached a screen of the VPU-Recover settings I have. Sorry that it is in german, but I guess you'll know what it means

I hope you can now play GTA-SA as well as I can now.
But as I already set: The main problem is you soundcard! So chang it, if it won't work right.

Greetings form Germany,
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