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Originally Posted by Pinkie View Post
Eh, well the tilted writing was just to make it diffrent.
And it definitely looks different. I'd even go that far to say that it looks kinda good but still it looks totally strange to me since basically all Pickups have the maker name in bold, uppercase, embossed letters on the tailgate.

These RWD transverse engine impracticalities always bugged me. The Sadler also has it. Nice that you pay so much attention to detail.

Originally Posted by Pinkie View Post
Im glad someone likes that kinda stuff.. I started taking requests at another fourms and it ws just 'VW golf' 'toyota supra' Just kinda... eyeroll again, Happend for other games too, I eventully stoped doing requests for carmageddon because I never got any cars I liked it was all modern ricer, german hatches, etc. supercars bizar race stuff.
I always prefered the older cars and trucks and the Walton is one of my favorite GTA cars. Actually I'm also playing around with it atm trying to to model it into something similar to a GMC 450/550.

Like I said; I've seen your topic on gtaforums - the Toyota Supra request made me laugh.

Not uploading the mods sounds like a good idea. It creates pressure - that is if Alex notices....
Anyways I also just reported the mod on the mainpage and linked to this thread.

//: The rear window is maybe a little too big but whats more important are rounded edges I think.
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