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language and stolen stuff?

I was just wondering since this seems to be a mostly German site, and I post mods here too do any of the staff speak English?

Its just I reported a re-upload of one of my mods, days have passed and I have heard nothing, I Figured I would get either a yes, we will take care of it, or a No we think this upload is ok.
I did not expect to just hear nothing back at all?

Now I just assumed I sent a message to some none English speaking staff? Imagine checking your email and getting a foreign report. I wouldn't know what to do.. Id probly just try to use google translate.

Anyway what do you think, Is this justified?
My Walton mod (under the name Maxiehack)

And a re-upload on .. the same page. The only changes being the name was changed to something more generic, 'Updated Walton' and the R had been changed to a 4 in the txt file... The entire mod was uploaded to change a single letter in the handling line? really?

Anyway, I don't really know what else to do? I've kinda been holding off uploading anything till I see what happens here. I like leaving my mods unlocked and such so people can.. Mod them or look at how they are badly cobbled together.
I'm just kinda irritated at how my name and all has been not even mentioned in a re-upload on the same page... It even uses the same freakin screenshot o.o

Anybody got any advice or should I just kinda ignore this as something that is unchangeable?

Thanks for the time.
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