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hello and welcome here in the forum

we also have a forum for foreign users but it's ok if you post here.i don't have unmodded fonts files but i had the same problem like you a few months isn't a problem with these two files, it's a problem with the gxt files in common\ have to replace the american.gxt with the one from can't post you this file because i only can attach files lower than 1mb size, buz if you download RealizmIV( a graphics modification, you'll find it on google) there you have a american.gxt which works on
the gxt files from patch 1-4 have ~2mb size, the gxt files from patch 7 have nearly 5mb size.that's the problem

ps:you don't break any rules by asking for these two files.but if you'd ask for the gta 4.exe or a product key, you'd maybe get banned xD
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