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Small update:
Still reworking rear side after seats in saloon - it has wrong proportions and will be more detalized - still in progress.

Exterior few shoots.

Test of saloon front side in GTA San Andreas how it looks in game :monocle: I think now it ok like in forza :lol: .
In saloon few buttons and gearsfiht not putted textures.

What have redone:

1) Rear trunk emblem add more polies of star redone. This part if not from driver view. all time see game player. it need be to hq.
2) Add flatter tyres what are in stock car.
3) Add 3d line of car body under rearlight
4) Fix texture for front fog ligth, light side is glass too
5) Add forgotteen plastic in front and rear wheel wings arches. like in real life see photos:

my photos upload
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