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We look forward to being able to bring you guys back on the cutting edge of things regarding GTA United 1.2. A few month have past since our latest official news and we were able to achieve a lot again. That is thanks due to ATP who consistently and effectively works on this modification and therefore contributes a lot to the new interactivity and variety of version 1.2. At this point the whole team of our modification wants to congratulate Aschratt sincerly - recently he couldn't work that much on the modification, but that was because of a cogent reason: he finished successfully his study of computer science. Rock'n'Roll Aschratt!

Before we start now with the actual news, I want to refer once again to the already published official news in the past, which contain a lot of information all around version 1.2 and it's development process. We already finished a lot of our goals, which should be clear based on these messages.
Let's start with what this news is mainly about. We set ourselfs two big goals. At first our plan for version 1.2 is, if possible, to make all the single already existing interior of Liberty City and Vice City accessible (an interior is an area in the game, which doesn't get's loaded as part of the "outside world", so in other words, an interior is what is inside the buildings, like savehouses, shops and so on). Whether if it is Marco's Bistro or the concert hall in Vice City - in United 1.2 you will be able to enter all known scenes and much more aswell. At this point, there are several aspects to be thought of - we do have an intent, plus an compromise to consider! Our intent is, if possible, to not change in this process the buildings (so the so-called 'exterior'), so to maintain the original status. As great as this attitude is, this intent is hard to follow, which have two reasons; the first reason is the fact, that some things must be adapted, one example is the concert hall of Love Fist mentioned above. This interior misses some textures and collisions aswell, so in order that it can be used by players, it must be fixed in some ways. We surely take care, that the result is something, which suits to the style of the original concert hall. Aspect two leads us to the compromise in this topic. Because we want a general and equal standart in GTA United relating these exterior-interior links, and not some mix out of the three different types of the single GTA games to handle this, we made the choice to adapt some of the entrances of some shops, so that they are enterable just like in San Andreas. This work isn't finished yet, however, it is certainly already very advanced.

Furthermore we want to integrate the usual San Andreas shops into both cities, so restaurants, clothing stores, tattoo shops and so on. Natural, the question is here where they could be located. We solved this problem by searching shops and buildings in Liberty City and Vice City, which indeed already have a suiting theme respectively exterior, but never had an own interior - and assigned them the accordingly San Andreas interiors. For all the other interiors from San Andreas we thought off being necessary, we made the compromise again, to include them with little changes on the buildings. These changes are of course as little as possible. With this the desired (and familiar) interactivity from San Andreas through the shops and the like has arrived in GTA United!

As soon as these works regarding the exterior-interior links are finished, our next step will be to build up the interior's scripts, which will mean nothing else, then that the Pole Position Club, the Malibu Club and every other interior aswell will be finally brought to life.

We also work on fixing map bugs. Though we must admit at this point, that this work isn't as well developed as we would like it to be. We simply didn't have the capacities nor the time until yet, to achieve much in this matter. Therefore we want to call once again for help! Motivated and talented modder, which have skills in mapping and modelling, are always invited to contact us! In any case, you can see our newest results of the just now called fixes by looking at the following pictures.

Here we already replaced on some of the skyscrapers a simple textur through a real roof. In addition there was in GTA United 1.1 a big incorrect place in 'Bedford Point' to find. Here were many roofs of the buildings already bugged in the original GTA III, which was naturally only noticed to the full extent with the conversion into the San Andreas engine. Amid these houses there was a big 'hole' aswell, no collisions, neither textures. Of course this couldn't stay as it was; based on the engine of San Andreas, where every building can be walked on from above, we wanted to bring in here something, which could serve as good substitute, or better, as good extension. That can be seen in the pictures 4 and 5 in the compilation above. Bugged buildings there does have a real roof with collisions now, too and amid the buildings there is now - now, that you will see then in version 1.2.

Finally we once again created a little video, which content is a GTA typical phone mission, just like it will be included in the next version. So this is one of a row of missions, which will be startable from the different phone stations. In the sense, we wish you a lot of fun while watching the video ... and expect us! We fight and are always moving forward with our modification!

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