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Matrix Tool

Matrix Tool
by oCain & PARADOXON


What is the Matrix Tool?
The Matrix Tool was orginally developed by the two guys oCain and PARADOXON. The tool allows you in realtime and ingame to create great looking Bullettime Effects. Some day, both of them simply disappeared out of the GTA Scene; and I was the only one who got this tool on his harddisk. Because it's a great tool, I share it now.

Attention: I can't fix possible bugs, because I didn't created this tool. I only release it, so there aren't gonna be further versions.

Installation Guide
  • Download CLEO 3 from:
  • Install CLEO 3 in your GTA direction.
  • Insert the file 'MatrixFX2.0E.cs' into the direction GTA San Andreas\cleo.
  • Start the game. This tool is compatible with Savegames.
  • Press and hold the buttons.

NUM 5 = Activate
NUM 4 = Left (Speed)
NUM 6 = Right (Speed)
NUM 8 = Up
NUM 2 = Down
NUM 9 = Angle - Up
NUM 3 = Angle - Down
NUM + = Zoom In
NUM - = Zoom Out
NUM * = Time - Speed Up
NUM / = Time - Slow Down

Feel free to give response. I wish you a lot of fun.
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