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very strange

I always played gta 4 without any problems, without any stutering or fps problems, i play gta all on high, view and detail are 30 and car dens is 14

For some reason, this started to happen in the patch1 .0.7.0 because i wanted to play online,

i can enter servers everything, but wether or not im online or playing offline , and when im driving or running the car goes slowmotion for 1 sec, then the next second it goes normal, the next goes slowmotion, ( looks like slowmotion ) happens online too. in i didnt have this problem, what is this?
the game sound continnues normaly and has no problem
even when i look at the peds they walk in slowmotion when my car goes slowmotion,

its irritating, has anyone experience a issue like this? does anyone know a fix for this?
please help

i7 720qm quad 1.6ghz turbo 2.8ghz
ati hd 5650
4gb ram

catalyst driver 11.3
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