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What to do on the first date with a girl

What to do on the first date with a girl
To give the girl emotions, it is not necessary to be cheerful, like a fool, and throw her dozens of jokes. It's something else entirely. To have your friend's heart began to beat faster, you should do what she did not expect. And not necessarily it will be positive things.

Start with simple:

You meet her and you hug her, you smell her, you touch her nose and lips to her neck, you tell her how good she smells. Then you take her hand, and she goes crazy with you.

Believe me, so does very few guys on the first date, so for a girl it will be unusual. Besides, you show your confidence by using bodily contact from the very beginning. And it will be much easier to get closer to her. On the other hand, there is a possibility that she will say: it is not time for the hand, etc. But in fact the task of the tempter, to gently go a step further than she can imagine and you can afford.

What to talk about with a girl
In a relationship in every sense, the leader is a man. In conversation, too. And it is not serious to discuss about who study there, who he wants to be when he grows up and how much they earn. This is the first sign that you will not see each other for the second time. You have to talk about "nothing." How to do this? For example, you highlight something in her appearance and begin to describe, discuss, ask her. You can make fun of her and then praise her for something. This is a swing plus or minus.

In addition, you have to decide: you want to have sex with her today or hold a date, to interest her, so that you see more than once. In the first case, you have to act much faster and harder.

Before a date, do not even think about how it will pass and how it will end. It will keep you in constant tension, and the girl will feel it.

Where to invite a girl
If the weather is good, you can go to the Park for a walk, there are shops and many secluded places a good opportunity to get closer to the girl. Also a good option various cafes, especially with soft sofas, where you will not be difficult to hug her or take her hand.

How to please a girl on the first date
If you want to after the first date was the second, and the girl would like it more than you need to follow a certain strategy, namely:

Interest her
Tell me something unusual about yourself. About what you are interested in, what you do in life. Not the platitudes. Even your work can be described in different ways. For example, you work as a logistics Manager. Instead of telling how your work is called or how you sit in the office for days on end, you can tell about some interesting extraordinary case in your work. And she'll be wondering what you're doing. But you can not reveal the cards to the end, in dealing with a girl you should always keep the intrigue.

To increase its value
A girl should see your demand in society, in particular, other girls. A simple example: I just drove a friend to meet you, and we saw such a terrible accident. Focus on the accident, but the girl immediately pay attention to the fact that in your life there is at least one girl. It creates competition.

Build trust
Very important stage. Once your new friend understands that you are a cool and successful guy, you have to create an atmosphere of trust between you. This is very important for the subsequent rapprochement. For example, for one date you move to several places. You pick her up, you go to wash the car, then sitting in a cafe, then go to the store to choose a gift for your mom) that girl is going through with you the different situations and sees how you behave. In addition, it creates the illusion that you have known each other for a long time. Only after creating trust can you move on to the last stage, especially if you have a goal today to seduce her.

Convergence and the initiation of
Here you need to find a secluded place where you will not be disturbed. At this stage, it is important to start touching the girl. I. e. you have to touch it at all stages, but it was socially acceptable touches. And here should be translated touch on a personal level. Example: you are sitting in a cafe and you say that you know how to do a cool hand massage. Take her hand and do :-). Important! When you touch a girl, all your movements and touches should be slow and smooth. Especially when you are worried, do not pay attention that you do it quickly and convulsively. It'll scare the girl away.

In conclusion, I want to say about the time on the first date. If you're not planning on having sex tonight, it should go especially fast. The most important thing here is to feel the peak of the girl's interest in you, and at this point under the pretext of quickly dump.

Following these simple tips, you will increase your effectiveness on the first date several times.
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