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How to fix GTA 5 not starting on PC:

These are the steps to terminate GTA 5 Wonít start problem

1. Open the Device Manager option on the Control panel.
2. Select the display adapters and select Disable for your main dedicated (Nvidia) game card, not integrated card.
3. Go to the search or browse for the run launcher again and it should allow the users to login, update and activation of GTA.
4. After the GTA gets activated through the Social Club or from any other link, go back to Device Manager and re-enable your (Nvidia) game card.
5. Try cleaning the disk or Rebooting the system when the itís overheating.

Users can also try other things like To Fix GTA 5 Not Starting Issue:
1. Open the GTA press keys L1 and R1 in the control remote press hold till the loading screen appears then you might see brightness setting on the screen then release the keys (decrease the brightness).

2. For safer mode users should use the options of restoring the file system and rebuild the database, these are mentioned on the GTA gaming site this might help resolve the issues.

3. Always after starting the computer let it free for installing or loading of the game. Donít shut down the system when in use , end the process safely after playing the game and refresh your system as it boots and makes the system fast when used next time. Follow the above steps when the system is at risk.
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