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Well you can force the resolution in the commandline, too so you have no space on the top and bottom as you have now (your window has the same aspect ratio as the screens. You say you have 2 times 1280x1024 so fullscreen two monitor resolution is 2560x1024. Force 2300x1024 and the spaces at the top and bottom are gone..
To hide that right side of the screen, I don't know...maybe use black wallpaper and set taskbar alignment to left so it's behind the window.
I doubt that you don't know the commandline params for screensize but here they are, nonetheless:

-height 1024
-width 2300
Another idea....maybe if forcing a smaller window than the screensize doesn't give the desired result, maybe a window that exceeds the screen boundaries is what you look for. Just set as width a higher value than 2560, maybe 2700. Then a small part of the window reaches into the right void outside the screen but you probably won't miss that part, while the aim center is on the right screen this time.

-height 1024
-width 2700

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