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GTA SA questions gone unanswered since 2005.

They have to do with rigging characters.

The shoulders, always the shoulders .. seems like the most problematic task. So many converted models have bad shoulders.

The feet buried in the ground .. why?

The distortion of the hand when the model becomes a gang member.. I think the term is, signifying. The hand goes crazy and picks up the skin in the last pallet of the text file. If you alpha mask the lest pallet the hand become invisible.

And ...

Download count. I could upload three versions of the same model, one topless, one topless and bottomless and one with a transparent top. The more skin showing the more the download numbers increase. Who downloads these things? For me partially dressed girls have more appeal than nude ones. Are boys wanking over this crap?

Breast physics. Female models without breast physics are dry like hospital toast!
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