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LiveLife 18.01.2013 13:51

The Great Base Jump Event

As one of the last things I want to do regarding GTA I'm trying to record a multiplayer group base jump from the highest LC skyscraper of exactly 50 people. Since my schedule is very tight I can possibly afford the time for doing this only once, thus if things don't work there will be no second run-up (organized by me). The event will take place on saturday evening, 20 o'clock CET, to be more precise watch this link.

If you want to participate, you must obey the following rules:
- no other downloads running while playing United MP, good pings are important (means, < 200, less is better of course)
- no trolling, means: do not kill each other - important! (this also applies after landing on the ground)
- do not randomly spawn vehicles
- follow my orders, it's important for me so that I can trust you
- do not join the server to be then away from keyboard, means, if possible set it up so that you can participate around 2 hours
- expect there might be more than one try to record a good base jump
- after landing on the ground: stay exactly where you are
- I will use a codeword in order to silence everyone on the server so that I start my instructions: "ALRIGHT EVERYONE" - when you read this, stop writing yourself and see what's happening then

HostName: GTA United Roleplay (EUR/ENG)

Download Multiplayer Client

Any suggestions and ideas? Tell me! Spread the word, so that we can gather 50 people!

LiveLife 19.01.2013 18:27

So Leute, gleich ist es soweit. Haut rein damit wir 50 Leute zusammenkriegen!

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