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Megafast13 13.05.2011 04:02

Help: "Invalid Model" Error
Hello, I added a new car to the game. I followed the proper directions step by step. The game runs fine, but when I attempt to spawn the car via Simple Trainer 6.2 it tells me it's an invalid model. What is causing this issue? Please Help.

LikeMike213 13.05.2011 13:03

whats your game version?

is your game modable? (xliveless,...)

did you press "rebuild" and "save" in sparkiv?

Megafast13 13.05.2011 19:24

Yes, my game is moddable. I have replaced cars just fine, and added graphic mods. I have patch 1.0.4, Xliveless, scripthooks, asi's, and did the initial Modunlocker patch.

For most of the instructions, it required OpenIV. I did rebuild/save.

Also when adding the wft/wtd files I used SparkIV and rebuild/save.

Megafast13 13.05.2011 19:54


After about two days. The tutorials I have found are incorrect. You do have to add the added vehicle to the original vehicle.ide and handling.dat files. I also added an .ide and .dat file for the car, but I'm not sure if you need them.

LikeMike213 14.05.2011 12:53

you just need to replace the lines in the orginal vehicles.ide and handling.dat with the modded lines.

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