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shadow85 22.12.2010 09:08

need .net scripthook for
Hey can any give me a link to the .net scripthook (scripthookdotnet.asi, scripthook.dll) files that works with

Marty McFly 22.12.2010 10:08

here isa link where you can find a .net scripthook for the newest also works fine on your one.

shadow85 22.12.2010 10:36

I have tried this, it does not seem 2 work. the scripthookdotnet.log does not show up either, so I can tell wheather it detected it or not.

These only work in version and up but not

gtazocker95 22.12.2010 12:12

then you have to download a lower version of .net scripthook.

shadow85 23.12.2010 03:37

nope I actually got it working by installing vcredist_x86.exe from microsoft.

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