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A Basic Introduction to Table Tennis

Ping pong is a great sport and in line with all ages both men and women can compete with each other in a uniform match.

Table tennis is probably the only descendant of a medieval game called the Royal tennis that was played in the 12th century. However by the end of the years 1800, the game has begun to grow and resemble games today. Back on that day, the table bats were only made of wood and until the year 1902 the British E.C. Goode was recorded by placing rubber on his blades to help create more spin on the ball. During this time, the ball also evolved from making the bottle node to hollow plastic balls. Bats or wooden paddles remained popular until the years of 1950, after which, rubber and porous bats were used much wider. Read more The personalized ping pong paddles for beginners.

Ping pong Vs Table tennis

When the popularity of the game spread, two rival organizations were founded in the UK with the "Table Tennis Association" and "Association ping Pong " was established within a few days in 1901. "Ping Pong ", involving glossy sound making, has been registered as the brand of a sporting company has banned the use of terminology for contests that do not use their proprietary equipment. So the name Table Tennis has become more widely used to refer to the sport in general, especially with the establishment of the ITTF's Sports management Agency in 1926. If you interested in table tennis outdoor read How to choice the best ping pong table outdoor on Amazon? for you.

The overall goal of the game table tennis, or table tennis, is to gain enough points to win over half the total game is played. One point wins if your opponent doesn't hit the ball back on the net and on your side of the table. The game was the first player to win 11 points and have at least two points ahead. A match usually consists of 3, 5 or 7 matches, but may include any odd game.

One of the great things about ping pong is the cost of entry against other sports. Beginners can grab a cheap racquet and a ball set for under $50. A table usually costs anywhere from $200 to $5000, but at a level introducing any large table will do, with books that are usually used by many beginners instead of a network. However when your skill rises so will likely your needs on the device. If there is a club nearby, the membership can be reasonably priced and if you have space at high school level is a great way to let you build your skills and play with friends and family. As with any sport, practice is the key. Fortunately, with table tennis, this practice does not need to depend substantially on investment. best ping pong robots.

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