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Sunshinemod 01.04.2006 15:51

SunShine 80's MOD (in english)
Hello (sorry i can't speak german)

We have finish soon a great (maybe the best) mod for Vice City.In fact it' s a compilation of the best modifications for Vice City( all autors will have their credits in readme, and we have a part of permissions)
Our work was to compile all this mods and make all essentials arrangements (we made some textures, all loadscreens and other stuff).
But the particularity of our mod is to give to the game a real eighties atmosphere!
Changes: -all cars, bikes and planes
-a lot of textures (road, vegetation, advertisements....)
-a lot of others things!!!
(I can 't all enumerate.....)

We hope this mod will please you!! (it will be finish probably next week, I'll give download link if i can.......)

Here are some pictures:

(you can answer me in german....but write in this language is too hard for me)

ActiveV1 01.04.2006 18:00

your mod is wonderful, great, the best one!
What size has the Mod?


MorpheusR 01.04.2006 18:02

Wow!! :eek:
Ich habe heute erst wieder Vice City installiert, weil ich es mal wieder durspielen wollte und jetzt kommt so ein guter Mod!!
Ich würde mich sehr freuen wenn du den Downlaodlink oder sonstiges hier bekannt geben würdest :)


Your mod is very great! :eek:
It's the best one I've ever seen for Vice City! I'll be very pleased if you could give us more information about the mod (maybe a Modhomepage?).
And please tell us where to download the mod if it's finished ;)

Sorry for bad English ;)


Sunshinemod 01.04.2006 20:29

it 's a good english morpheus (i am french....)
Thank you for your compliments!
First the size mod will be 391Mo in rar. I will compress it more if it 's too big.
I will post Download Link next week or before I hope...
Maybe a french site I know will be able to make a modHomePage but currently he is down....


ActiveV1 02.04.2006 13:18

Oh really,
400 Mb are very god. I'll hope that the mod finished next week. :)
Have you some more pictures, that will very great! :)

Thank you im Voraus (I don't no, what voraus in English called)

(also sorry for my bad English) :bash:


Ich bins! 02.04.2006 13:26

This is one of the best mods I´ve ever seen. Respect!

Sunshinemod 02.04.2006 16:31

I try to make an auto-installer, I hope that size mod will be less big....

King-Z 02.04.2006 21:06

Oh, GREAT! Your MOD is wonderful!

I'm loving it schon now!

(Sorry, but I don't know whatz "schon" in English!) :)

Sunshinemod 03.04.2006 13:31

an auto installer for the mod is in progress....
I want to tell you about the mod that there is still a bug. In fact it's a random bug....
The game crashes here and there but it's very variable because I tested my mod on differents PC's and there are differents bugs....
But don't worry these bugs seems to disappear with time.....
So I used VC limit Adjuster by Steve-m and I modified streaming memory value:
When i set the minimal value textures in game don' t appear ( it's normal) but I hadn' t bugs anymore...And when i set the maximal value textures in game are perfect but there are still bugs ( game just crashes in one place in vice city on my PC)
So I think that bugs are caused by the too high graphic quality.....

But I reassure you!! Our mod is totaly playable!!

Player1 03.04.2006 19:17

Watt I was see from your mod was very nice, and if you send it to the downloads maybe I want to take it on my PC an play it

Sunshinemod 05.04.2006 18:07

I think with auto installer size mod will be more shorter.
We are making a trailer too, if it works I will post it before Download Link.
But I can post my mod to the Downloads? How?

MOD 05.04.2006 19:22

You can upload it here . But the filesize is limited. If it's too big to upload it to the page, so upload it on rapidshare ;)

Sunshinemod 06.04.2006 12:33

my mod is too big for the Downloads and rapidshare...I will upload it on FileFront

King-Z 06.04.2006 13:04

Oh, no, please not on Filefront! There we must seat 3-9 Hours to download! Please Split your Archive and load it at rapidshare or Megaupload or some other :)

Sunshinemod 06.04.2006 18:15

ok I will see What I can do...

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