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[1-855-200-6941] Methods to rectify the error to Fix Optimum Wi-Fi Not Working
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Alternative 1- Disconnect your smartphone or your laptop from the Wi-Fi network, if it is showing no internet access. Put the device on airplane mode or restart it once. Try connecting it after few minutes by switching on the device.
Alternative 2– Check whether the router and the modem are getting proper signals’ and all the lights are stable and none is blinking. If yes, then try to fix the cables attached to them by moving them a little. Sometimes the cables might not be connected properly. Secure the connection
Alternative 3– Switch off the main plug and disconnect the Wi-Fi router from the main power supply. Remove all the cables from the modem and the router and connect them back again after some time.
Getting in touch with customer support:
If the above alternatives do not work then contact the Optimum Tech Support Number to get a solution. They will be able to guide you in a more professional way.

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