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koenigseggccxre 17.07.2009 00:34

How to install map mods?
I just downloaded this Nascar map:
but I dont understand the instructions that come with the file, so could somebody please help me install it?

Astra 17.07.2009 11:12

You need to add the files from the gta3.img folder to the gta3.img archive using the IMG-Tool. You can find the gta3.img archive at C://Programms/Rockstar Games/GTA San Andreas/models/ .

Then you need to exchange the files from the folder "data" (of the mod) to the folder "data" (of your GTA SA installation).

But backup all the files at first!!!

koenigseggccxre 19.07.2009 20:12

when i load a game my game crashes...

Kamil 19.07.2009 21:06

You must patch your San Andreas Version to 1.0 US

koenigseggccxre 20.07.2009 04:48


Originally Posted by Kamil (Post 493550)
You must patch your San Andreas Version to 1.0 US

patch version 1.02 will work?

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