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ca5ualtymods 29.07.2015 20:57

help importing anything as vehicle
hi i need help importing any object into gta4 as a vehicle

i want to make vehicles from scratch and start off simple say a cube , give it custom code so it can move around at will , just hover around and move on land sea and air ,

avatar can just teleport into it it doesn't have to be detailed or advanced i just need to know where to start so i can make anything a vehicle in gta4 to have some fun

id like any help you can offer , like what program to use , how to compile the two files ill need

hendryjullius 03.11.2018 07:15

Here discussing about importing anything as a vehicle. To make vehicles from scratch and start off simple say a cube, I didn't get much more information from this article. In the next update please add some more details best place to buy diamond rings

jiya 16.01.2019 11:36

good article
There are different methods to import the vehicle to different places as you wish. Large goods vehicle can be used in order to transport it to your desired place. Try to share the details of the vehicles and modes of other transport for importing the vehicles.

taylorshaw151 21.01.2019 11:02

Great Blog
Hey guys I havenít been so good at making things from scratch in GTA and all the posts here is about such things. I am so interested in the topic that I would like to know how its done. Could you share some tutorial on such topic here? photo editing services real estate

ducklife 18.09.2019 10:47

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