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Busdriver 18.05.2007 12:06

Can someone Make a Scania Buss for GTA SA?
I realy realy want a Scania citybus for GTA SA
The Scania 112 CN/CR.
This was a excelent bus in Europe in the 80s
it was known to be totaly quiet and it moved smoth like on feather or like a Boat quietly on the sea.

I have Zero knowledge in Skinning for GTA But i know there is some here
that like driving buses in GTA, maybe you can help

I have many Photos of Scania 112 CR/CN
i dont have a blueprint not sure if Scania can provide this (rarely they do!)

Scania 112 CR was a 80s bus where first bus was delivered in 1979-1980
Here is some photos of Beautiful Scania 112 CR:

Here is Scania 112 CR on the other side:

How it usualy looked inside (This photo was taken when it was heavy used):

There was many variation of 112 CR citybus
all from 2 or 3 doors combination of Front or/and middle double/single doors
I think it look prettiest with 2 Doors (2 Double middledoors and 1 single or double front door )

Scania 112 CR was the nicest 112 version
But in the midth 80s a Facelift was done with smaler window in the back
and a change to the Backlights

The Facelift was called Scania 112 CN although it is nice too
is not as nice as 112 CR.

Here you See Both 112 CR and CN
On the Left Scania 112 CR on the Right Scania 112 CN:

I realy think the CR on the left look nicest but CN is nice too.

I have more photos if someone decide to make This bus
It is my favorite bus and will 4ever be.

When making it is important that is almost silent
and it can move a little bit to the sides (like on feather) but not too much so it stay firm on the road.

I will recomend a light brown color mixed with Dark color on top
something like this:

I saw a chocolate Scania 112 CR once and is something i never forget

Hope someone get inspired to make this Bus.
I can help with photos but not blueprint (Alteast i cannot warranty to get a blueprint, maybe i can ask a old busdriver?)

Death Row 02.06.2007 22:55

Look here, there are many Busses(?) for GTA

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