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modeeper 02.11.2015 16:34

Bold newbies eat me.
God I hate these pricks! I know by now the ratings don't always encourage a user to download or not to download a skin. Many of my best skins and most downloaded skins have had bad ratings.

But still, who are these dicks? They joined yesterday, haven't a single upload, 3 comments and rate a skin pack of 16 models with a 1.

I told one cunt to chinga tu madre and got a message with a death threat.

Isn't it logical a punk-ass brat without a contribution to the site should be aware their criticism of other people's work is not a contribution?


Astra 02.11.2015 17:45

Well, strong language isn't necessarily a contribution either...

Try being polite to people for a change and keep in mind that there are many trolls present on the internet, you've got to deal with.

However, if you feel hard done by and want a comment posted by a certain individual removed, you should contact our webmaster Alex.

I reckon, that's all there is to say about that. Therefore this thread is closed.

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