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hammad123 13.09.2008 17:51

A Request
Can someone make a mod that makes airplanes more realistic like. Meaning make the airplane take off like slope not like that. And also, when you press INSERT the plane engines start up and the airplane starts to roll, and to give the airplane thurst, you press PAGE UP and to decreas thrust, you press PAGE DOWN, and to turn off airplane engines, you press END. this will make the airplane more realistic. When the airplane starts rolling, you give it some thrust and after like 25 seconds the plane takes off automatically and then you can control it. And an auto pilot system, to activate auto pilot, you press HOME, and type in box shows up and you can type in which airport you wanna go to. You type in Los Santos INTL the airplane will start up and fly to the airport and land by it self. This will make the game mor fun. If you can do this please post. Thank you.

Valkyr 13.09.2008 18:48

Get a flight simulator. This is a pretty extensive request, I don't think anyone volunteers to do something like that. Although it sounds fun.

-Anti- 14.09.2008 00:48

Here are some mods you could like...
a hud for planes:
aircraft instrumets with autopilot:
Hope i could help you.

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