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XtraBlood 11.07.2010 09:00

Hi, I've a problem with such games(BF:BC2 , NFS: Shift , GTA IV) Oyundaki The animation semms like this...

Spoiler für Pictures:
It freezes and there is nothing left to do except restarting the computer... but once I wait and it says this error...
For this I try to solute this problem with downloading the new driver but it still the same

Graphic Card : Palit 9800 GT 1GB
RAM: 3 GB Kingston
..Win XP SP3
New Driver Version: 257.21

... Please help me :S

Astra 11.07.2010 10:05

I've moved the thread to the Hard- & Software-Forum, because it has nothing to do with GTA IV...

@ Topic:

I don't understand Turkish, but it seems to me that your videocard is overheated or damaged.

MSC|StalkerGER 11.07.2010 10:32

go to the nvidia system settings and change the resolution may this will help

XtraBlood 11.07.2010 11:34

I try to install W7 ultimate 64 bit but it still the same...
so I downloaded the w7-64bit driver also it says that this driver is not compatible with this system...

Johnny4G.T.I. 16.07.2010 15:52

try to change the depth of colour from 16-bit to 32-bit. This should help, if not, try to change your graphic card.

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