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oldsc00l 18.10.2011 13:03

New Timecyc
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Hi Guys,

im working on a new Timecyc for GTA San Andreas :).

In the Team are:

Here are older Versions of my Sky(3 Versions):
I need Ideas,and thats why I make a Topic :P

I finished yet Midnight Time Completly, and in next Time i make the ENB better and use SRT3 and Project Oblivion :dafür: XD

KSX387 18.10.2011 20:29

Pretty nice. It has a slight night-vision-goggles touch
but I don't think it's something for everyday use.
You should use enb-palette for a good color correction.
It's great in combination with a good timecyc.

oldsc00l 18.10.2011 20:31

thx :) i make today or tomorrow a test vid with srt3 and po and the i will use enbpalette.bmp and streammemfix :D

oldsc00l 18.10.2011 23:40

Heres A Test Video :D

Marty McFly 19.10.2011 13:12

Nice work dude. maybe I can help you with the ENB?

oldsc00l 20.10.2011 12:47

So guys today i will finish 6-7 and 12am ;)

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