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AlDetomas 07.04.2007 23:17

Forklift Xxl
Hey all

I like big forklifts and have driven some, i got into Zmodeler2 and made this thing. Based loosely on a Kalmar DC42, got some work left. 20k poly'ish.

Chezy 08.04.2007 13:57

Damn, this is HUGE! I like it. Maybe you could give the wheels a texture, and round them up a little.

BTW: This topic belongs to our specially topic WIP, I will put it ito there.

AlDetomas 08.04.2007 16:28

The rims will have no tex's, front wheels is placeholders for new wheels based on the rear wheel form. Im making new cab now, the one on the truck looks too simple. I work with forklift tires on a daily basis and solideal's container forklift tires are pretty square. Will be done soonish i hope. This actually weighs around 60 tons, so mowing down traffic will be fun :)

der player 09.04.2007 12:45

Wow that looks realy nice, Its a nice Idea, i like the Forklift.

novesori 09.04.2007 13:00

Woow.. Super work. Its very big and nice. But can i transport cars with that mashine? When yes, is it very, very coooooooool!!!

xXxxXx 09.04.2007 13:11

(sorry) when it is finished ???

der player 09.04.2007 13:15


Originally Posted by xXxxXx (Post 325935)
und wann wird er fertig sein?

Meine Fresse es ist Ferig wenn es Fertig ist. Ist dir übrigens aufgefallen das AlDetomas der deutschen Sprache nicht mächtig zu seien scheind ? Also schreib auf Englisch bitte.

Clownator 09.04.2007 13:39


Originally Posted by xXxxXx (Post 325935)
(sorry) when it is finished ???

Little correction: When will it be finished?
Another question: Will it be possible to lift weighty cars?

(Mensch, Leute, ihr müsst aber auch ein wenig mehr im Englisch-Unterricht aufpassen, das ist unseren ausländischen Usern ja nicht zumutbar...)

AlDetomas 09.04.2007 17:47

The truck will be done soon, working on the new cab (innenraum) now. When done it can lift trucks like cement and maybe railroad cars and possibly the tank, if you try lifting trucks wth the normal forklift you can see the suspension crumbles but it keeps lifting.

-Anti- 01.05.2007 12:29

AlDetomas are still working on the project or not. (Or arent you no longer active in this forum?)

AlDetomas 31.05.2007 19:51

Hi again

I've been working on the model for weeks, you can see the difference in detail in this shot. Being a perfectionist it will probably take some more time before its released:

gta-drache 31.05.2007 20:15

Nice Work ;)
It looks perfect. But how many Polys does it have?

AlDetomas 31.05.2007 20:44

40.674 At the moment, the polys on the whole cab with the seat in it were drawn by hand around the torus window gaskets. With a gap of about a full torus face to make it look more realistic sitting in the cab looking out, the gasket is smaller inside than outside. All the pipes on the picture that is bent is also moved manually. Im not into 3dstudio where automation available but looks more natural this way i think. And by the way the steps you see on the picture are like 1 mile steps. Im 184cm long and had to really use my legs to climb up on the real version. Will be funny to see in-game.


Dennis.T 31.05.2007 20:53

WOW thats realy good.....nice work..

Jamie Sneddon 22.11.2018 11:27

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