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Henk 30.04.2015 19:22

Crash happy game
Hiya everybody @ GTAinsideforum. I'm new to the forum. But I'm always active @ the main GTAinside site.

Somehow recently my game became very crash happy. Before I begin with my issues, here my gamesettings:
  • Laptop specs:

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
    Processor - Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00GHz
    RAM - 6GB
    Graphics: NVIDIAC GeForct GT 540M Cuda @ 1GB
    HDD: 250GB

  • Mods used:

    Cleo 4.3.18
    Silents ASI Loader 1.2
    Stream Memory Fix 2.2 (using Test 2.asi)
    GTA: SA Crazy Trainer +151
    Hatsune Miku Hentai Billboards (only used idlewood6_lae.txd)

  • Vehicle mods:

    Nissan Skyline GT-R BNR34 Mio Akayama Itasha (replacing the Elegy)
    Kawasaki Ninja 250RR High School DxD (replacing the FCR-900)
    Chevrolet Caprice 1989 Stationwagon (replacing the Regina)
    Chervolet Corvette C7 Stingray 2014 (replacing the Banshee)
    Ferrari 599 GTO 2011 v2.0 (replacing the Cheetah)
    Nissan Stagea 25RSFOURS (replacing the Stratum)

I recently installed Stream Memory Fix 2.2 (using Test 2.asi) to finally be able to install HQ mods in my game. But somehow after doing so, my game became very crash happy. I could hardly finish a mission without the game crashing. Does anyone know how to fix this? I really want to keep the Stream Memory Fix 2.2 (using Test 2.asi) mod, as it helped me installing some nice cars.

Thnx in advance,

Henk, Itashalover.

Chezy 30.04.2015 21:26

I experienced the same problem with the Stream Memory Fix, and I also didn't find a solution to fix it. Someone showed me a CLEO script that has the same effect as the Fix, but doesn't crash, and I believe it worked quite good, but I haven't got the script itself anymore. Maybe there's someone in here who still has it.

Henk 30.04.2015 21:33

@Chezy: If you're referring to Fastman92's Limit Adjuster, I tried it just now. It worked fine, until I tried to buy a safehouse. It crashed again. I dunno if it's due to the combined use of such .asi files, as I currently have both mods installed.

modeeper 02.11.2015 18:53

A lot of these cars are high poly. Some peds skins too. The problem is likely too many high poly skins on the map at once. Go to popcycle and reduce the number of vehicles*or peds* that appear on the map. Then open your gta3 file with IMG editor *if you have it* and rebuild the file. Do this each time to add a mod.

If you insist of a lot of cars or peds come up put them on maps that dont have so many textures like the countryside or beach. Ganton seems to be the most sensitive to overloading textures.

Another trick if to hunt for misplaced numbers, letters or periods in the data files. It is usually commas in place of periods. Sounds daunting but it[s easy. For example go to both the cargroup, vehicles, peds, ped group, what ever ...
Now type a period in the search field and one by one look for commas where there should be periods, or periods where there should be commas. Remember commas go between the lists of cars and peds, never at the end .. nor periods.

Rebooting also helps.

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