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Buteravoing 17.07.2019 11:22

Buying your first bitcoin
Ok, if you’ve decided to jump in, it’s a good idea to go with exchanges that are well-known (to avoid scams), so I’ll walk through the example here of buying bitcoin on Cryptolinks, which is based in internet and is one of the largest website in the world.

Once you have access to use your currency, you’ll want to move the BTC (or any other currency) into Coinbase’s exchange interface

Akinava 26.08.2019 10:52

Thank you very much for the recommendation, but I bought my first bitcoin in 2013. But after 5 years, he was stolen from me on the stock exchange. The whole problem was that the exchange administrators decided in this way to make money for themselves. I also want to advise you to use exchanges with licenses and where all their activities are completely transparent! Here is one of these exchanges .

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